Mehndi Makeup Artist in Delhi

Mehndi Makeup Artist in Delhi

Mehndi ceremonies have been part of our culture since ancient times. Throughout thousands of years, brides and grooms have gotten together with their families for what is perhaps the most laid back and informal of all matrimonial events. Also called a Henna function, this is an important pre-wedding functions and your Mehndi makeup should be simple, as you won’t be too dressed up, as it’ll be a day event with a lot of fun and movement. So if you are looking for the best Mehndi Makeup in Delhi, an ideal scenario is doing the best Mehndi Makeup at home itself or you can visit our makeup studio.

The Mehndi Makeup and Hairstyle look should be minimalistic, with soft hues and shades being used for eyeshadow and lipstick, in order to give your look a kind of natural simplicity, and here, the simpler the better. Mehndi Bridal Makeup Artist Mouna says “why I say a mehndi makeup at home should be simpler is because a real radiant glow comes over the face the following day, which is the day of the wedding. So it’s more like a mehndi bridal makeup.

The hair can be braided, or with soft waves, and the easiest is hair swept sideways. What is most important, is that the bride to be is be comfortable, and having a good time. It is also a fun function full of family fun, so the look should be clear skin with less foundation, soft cheeks and pink peach and mutual lipstick, with light eye shadow and faint kajal, if it suits the overall mehndi makeup. Glitter can be be avoided in case a bride is donning floral jewellery, which should take centre stage. The lipstick should be a non-transfer lipstick so that the lipstick stays put, and doesn’t betray you in the face of all the cameras clicking away.

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