Ideal Makeup for Seasons in India: Makeup Trends in 2021

Many bridal trends pop up year in year out, but what about regular seasonal trends that you have to have to know anyway? Pastels have been in for a while now and nobody can even agree to disagree on them, gosh just see how great they look, with outfits, accessories or with makeup. Bridal outfits can sparkle or blow, depending on the makeup worn by the bride, and knowing a few things about what makeup works best according the time of your wedding.

Spring Makeup

Spring Makeup: With spring comes a new year, leaving the dryness of winter behind, spring is sweet, floral and ever so misty. There’s nothing more spectacular than a spring bride, with new hope and promise, she should be life itself, and life can be a little laid back in spring. A spring bride should go for slightly tinted blush, rosy light lips and a bronze shade eyeshadow, with a low tied bun in a bohemian style, if you think you can carry it off, or if you feel like carrying it off. This goes great with bespoke yellow outfits, or even florals with natural or artificial flowers in your hand, these can do wonders for the entire look and set beautiful brow tones. The overall makeup should be mostly subtle, but can be tweaked according to the outfit you’re going in for.

Spring Makeup


Summer Makeup: Summers are the time for glitzy getaway weddings to lavish destinations like Udaipur, where wedding lights shine brighter than usual. But you don’t need to convert yourself into a flash photo either. A cute or haute pink dress, and complementary greens can turn any day on its head. The makeup can and should be experimental, something with light brown on the lips and a neutral eyeshadow with no liner and little kajal in the corners will do the trick.

As it’s hot in summer everything light is soothing to the eyes. Hence the chosen outfits should be in lighter tones likes pink, peach, gold, biscuit pink, aquas, powder blue whites with floral prints which are so in vogue these days. The work on the outfits should be light and not too jarring on the eyes. The bride should be comfortable in her outfit. Jewellery should again be a bit understated and not too chunky, with just a signature maang tikka and nath along with the main jewellery in kundan polki or diamonds will be nice. The makeup should be as light as ever with a very light foundation, light rosy cheeks with nude to medium shade lip shade and medium eyeshadows without smokey eyes, and thin liners preferably in shades of aqua, royal blue, greys or brown. You can give a miss altogether with this look. Highlighters should be in lighter shades and gold and bronze should be avoided. Eyelashes should be kept natural too. Hair should be styled in a simpler manner so that it holds amidst all the sweating.


Autumn Makeup

Autumn Makeup: Autumn is the time to play with cold colours and vibrant clothing, and the season is neither too hot nor cold. Your outfit should be the show stealer with good cold colours like electric blue, paparazzi greens, smouldering reds and not to miss ivory golds. A good amount of highlights to brighten up not only your features but also your collar bones, with shoulders kept you in the limelight. You can apply two shades of kajal on the under eyes and 3D eyeshadows on the top to mix it up. Lipstick should be peach topped with a little gloss to make it shinier. Autumn is the time for rust coloured, earthy outfits where makeup has to glow out in order to suit the attire, for this highlighters are very important as they bring your outfits to life with good bronzing and contouring on the face. Usually autumn is the most desired time for people getting married. Your makeup shouldn’t be too loud, it should shine and you should stand out.

Winter Makeup

Winter Makeup: Winter brides usually go for beautiful reds with golden work. The makeup should be bright and shiny with glow, as winter is a time for our natural skin to glow as well. And winters are the best time for loud, glam, bam makeup, don’t you dare look less than the diva you’re meant to be. Here you can experiment with darker shades of maroons, along with golden palette for your cheeks and lips.

This is one season that you can do what ever your heart desires. Darker colours like reds, berries, maroons, hot pinks, rusts, golds and also lighter colours according to choice can be chosen. The jewellery can be gold or heavy polki, all of course coordinated and styled according to your dress. Hair styles can be elaborate updos and even voluminous open hairstyles can be carried with a lot of fresh flowers used like small rose, buds, orchids chrysanthemums, gerberas tuberoses. Warm medium to dark smokey eyes with glitter usage and dark kohled eyes can be chosen along with a lighter shade of lipstick or vice versa. The highlighter can be liberally used and the makeup can be a little more liberally used. The cheeks can be more peachy and bronzy. Generally speaking choose whatever you want but make sure everything is not over the top. Since there are multiple functions, it is a good idea to have light to medium to heavy outfits with coordinated makeup looks and jewellery is a good idea. Use of glitter can be liberal.

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